Well, I did not end up leaving my dogs at the boarders.  When we left the dogs last night the boarder said she was going to take them home with her.  She said they would get undivided attention but she has 7 other dogs at her house.  I thought ok maybe that would be good for my dogs to be spoiled at a home.  But then she told me she has a Rottweiler, a chow chow and Shepard that stay in her back yard they only come in at night to sleep in the adults bedroom with them.  I told her I guess that is ok Nina, my oldest Yorkie, might remember my Chow, Chow I used to have, Emmie. She was asweet loving Chow.  But the boarder then tells me no her Chow Chow kills any female dog in it’s yard.  Great all my dogs are girls.  My dogs are no bigger then 40 pounds.  I couldn’t sleep last night I woke up panicked about my dogs getting mulled or killed on Thanksgiving because the boarder tells me 17 people will be at her house for Thanksgiving.  But your dogs will be fine because when they have to go potty she will just tell her husband to let her big dogs the Rot, Chow, and Shepard into his work shop.   Maybe I am an overprotective dogs mom but I couldn’t stand to worried about all the bad things that could happen with my three sweet girls and a girl dog killin Chow.  I had to go pick my dogs up before they went to the boarders house.  My mom said she would watch the yorkies, Nina and Jazmine, and the pug, Cricket, came with us.  I will have to try again with a different boarder but I couldn’t stand to leave them at this one.  I thought I had done all my research but she wanted to take them home with her at the last minute.  “Not with killer Chow, No”  I need to find a good boarder but this has become quit a feet in the south so far.  Maybe I am too picking but I don’t think anyone would leave their dog in this situation and sleep at night.  What do you think?  Have you had any bad experiences like this?  Got any idea for great boarders, trusty boarders?   I will try a couple I found on Rover.com to see if this will work for us.  I found a couple that according to their profile will board your dog in their home with their 2 dogs and 1 cat.  I may try them next just meet them see if my dogs will get along with them and see how things work out.  I will have to try them on a short weekend first then go from there.  We travel international about every 2-4 years and I need someone I can trust.  Wish me luck!!!

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