Dogs continued…..

Well, after an exciting weekend away we are back.  We picked up the dogs from the boarders and she told us they had no problems with our three dogs.  She said they were very easy to watch.  She shut them up in her laundry room the few days she watched them and took them outside regularly.  Then she said the little dogs, Nina and Jazmine, started eating a little bit better today and enjoyed the outside a little longer.  She even washed my towel I had in their pet taxi for them to lay on.  She said she wanted to make sure they were clean for them.

Once we got home, I let them all out to potty and my husband went outside to check on them.  He called to me and told me he noticed some black or very dark brown stuff on our deck that was still fresh and he wasn’t sure what it was.  I looked at it and thought it looked weird maybe like “tar” but we decided it was still fresh.  I thought maybe it was dog poop.  I looked at Nina’s backside to see she was covered with the runs and very dark.  I gave her a quick bath and cleaned her up.  I called the boarder back and asked her if she noticed Nina being sick or having the runs before.  She said she pooped fine most of the time they were at her house and only noticed today where Nina poop a little runny but she said she did not think anything of it.  So I will watch Nina and see how she is.  I wonder if maybe since she was so upset for a few days and didn’t want to come out of her pet taxi much until today if she felt sick all weekend or she just got too upset. I think time will tell.  For now, she is happy to be home and acting normal.  If things don’t improve in a few days I will take her to the vet just to be safe.

We went to Illinois and we did look at a commercial dog boarder there because we could take the dogs all the way to visit and be close in case things doesn’t go well.  We took a tour of the facility and it looks very nice but I’m not sure what the difference between the two would really be.  Both places, where they stayed now in someone’s home or a commercial boarder, would be about the same amount of space for them to run and play in.  But I think the individual attention they get from the place they were this weekend maybe be a little better than a commercial place.  We will think on this topic more later.  TO BE CONTINUED…….

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